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The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

Omdat de band op een hiatus gaat, is de show van The Neighbourhood definitief afgelast. Kaartkopers ontvangen een mail met daarin meer info over de restitutie van aangekochte tickets. 

Statement vanuit The Neighbourhood: 

It's with a heavy heart that we share the news that we won't be able to perform the European tour dates we scheduled for 2022. We're so grateful for our incredible fans and know that many of you have been waiting to see us since 2019, but for our own health and well-being we're going to take some time for ourselves in the coming months, which sadly means we aren’t going to play the dates we had originally scheduled 3 years ago. We have the best fans in the world so we hate to disappoint you, but appreciate you understanding and supporting the time we need to take for ourselves.

  • Price
    • €33.40
    Incl. service fee
  • Date Thu 20 Oct '22
  • Location Main
  • Doors open
  • Start
A detailed timetable will be announced in the week of the event.