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013 is for everyone

In its more than twenty-year history, the name Poppodium 013 has become familiar to people not only in Tilburg, but throughout the Netherlands and around the world. And we’re very proud of this! Our team does everything it can to make sure our visitors have great, breath-taking, unforgettable live experiences. To help artists give their very best shows. Together with the music scene and fans, to seek out the boundaries of hip hop, heavy music, alternative mainstream and electronic music. To organise festivals like Roadburn, De Unie and Wij Zijn 13!. To invest in talent for the future. To offer young artists just starting out a platform at one of our satellite locations in the city. To provide a space for people with a diverse range of ideas, preferences, backgrounds and beliefs. This is what you can expect from Poppodium 013. Everyone is welcome: 013 is for everyone!

“013 is the biggest pop venue in the Netherlands. Our two auditoriums accommodate audiences of 3,000 and 700. Each year, we organise approx. 300 concerts and receive 300,000 visitors.””

Alles goed

Popcultuur staat midden in de wereld, en Poppodium 013 dus ook. Hoe beter onze verbinding met de wereld om ons heen, hoe beter wij ons werk kunnen doen. En hoe beter we er ook écht voor iedereen kunnen zijn. Inclusie is daarom een belangrijke pijler waar we actief aan werken. Door positie te nemen in het maatschappelijke debat en door ons uit te spreken. Door te blijven leren. Zodat ons poppodium echt van iedereen wordt én blijft. Of het nu gaat om onze medewerkers, onze vrijwilligers of om onze bezoekers. Wie je ook bent, laat jezelf zien, bij 013 is #allesgoed.

Genoeg gewaste

Taking good care of the people who visit our venue is our number one priority. And we believe this also means taking good care of the world around us. We do this with hard cups, tap water instead of bottled water, solar panels, zero-waste cooking and reusing residual heat from our building to reduce our ecological footprint, one step at a time. Enough of the waste. We know we still have some way to go, and we are constantly working on more improvements. Read about 013 & sustainability here.

013 and talent

013 is the biggest pop venue in the Netherlands, and this brings responsibilities. To invest in talent, and so in the future. In the field of music, we cooperate with other pop venues in Music Hub Brabant.

We also do a lot of hard work on talent development behind the scenes. We teach our volunteers and interns all the ins and outs of the business. So that, if they want to, they can step up to a job in the cultural sector. We are also open for education in and around our venue and like to work with educators.

Our legacy

Poppodium 013 arose from one of the Netherlands’ very first real pop venues: the authentic Noorderligt – which then merged with MuziekKantenWinkel (practice studios for new bands from Tilburg) and the Batcave (a venue focusing on the margins of youth culture). We still proudly bear the legacies of these three organisations: courage and entrepreneurship, dedication to and investment in talent development and exploring the margins and pushing the boundaries of contemporary pop culture. An approach that has brought international stars such as The Prodigy, Lorde and Chance the Rapper to Tilburg. The fact that, since the renovation in 2016, we can say we are the biggest pop venue in the Netherlands only strengthens our motivation further. We continue to set the bar high.

013 in figures

On average 300,000 visitors a year
On average 300 shows a year
Capacity of 3,000 in the Main auditorium,
Capacity of 700 in the Next stage,
Arose from a merger of 3 organisations: Noorderligt, Batcave and MuziekKantenWinkel
5 satellite locations in the city
52 permanent employees
200+ hero volunteers

013 belongs to everyone! Curious about what we can do for you? Sign up here (in Dutch) for the ‘013 Weekly’ to stay up to speed with all things 013.