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Genoeg Gewaste

Having a good time can go well with taking better care of the world around us. This sounds like a great idea – but what does it mean in practice? What actions is 013 taking to achieve this? What is our vision in the longer term? And how is 013 showing that it's really genoeggewaste (have had enough of the waste)?

Shortdoc: 013 heeft Genoeg Gewaste

In May 2023 - a year after the introduction of hardcups and other sustainable solutions - 013 presented its story in a short doc. In this short film you can witness the steps taken to carefully implement the big change. You can watch this documentary, directed by Nanda Kester, here.

Food & Drinks

013 uses hardcups. By using these, we collectively save one million fewer soft plastic cups and water bottles each year. There's more. We offer our visitors and fans the opportunity to donate the deposit for their hardcup to a good cause: Quiet. The fifty cents you save from your wallet is used, among other things, for special moments of happiness for people in poverty. Quiet is committed to helping people in situations of poverty in the Netherlands. This is expressed in various activities, including the Quiet Communities. With these, the organization stimulates and organizes local solidarity with people in poverty situations. You can read more about this collaboration here.

Slake your thirst and boost your mood: 013 sells filtered tap water instead of bottled water. Way more sustainable, and just as tasty. Our home town, Tilburg, has the cleanest drinking water in the Netherlands. But here too there’s yet another upside: thanks to our cooperation with Made Blue, every glass of tap water we sell means 300 litres of clean drinking water can be provided somewhere where this is scarce.

All our bars use an AquaFox System. The sustainable rinsing system measures when the water in our sinks needs to be refreshed, ensuring it only happens when it's necessary. This mechanism helps us save about 3 million gallons of drinking water and it keeps our hardcups extra clean.

"Four beers and a better world, please!"

Our Building and Energy Consumption

A better world starts at home, so we are constantly making our venue more sustainable. We already have waterless urinals, solar panels on the roof and LED working lights in many parts of the building – but we are always looking for more ways to improve. Plans for this are currently being drawn up.

Waste & Packagings

Almost every day, our chefs prepare meals in our own kitchen for artists, crew and our personnel. Our kitchen works on the principle of 'zero waste'. This is not a catering business, but rather provides fresh meals made from local produce and ordered in advance. Not only are these much tastier, but also far better for the environment.

Sorting waste is standard practice both backstage and in our offices. At present, we separate residual waste, paper and glass, but we will be expanding this into other areas in the longer term. In addition, we aim to scale-up re-use. We are already doing this with, for example, unsold merchandise (we have used this to make items such as facemasks), but there are many more possibilities.


013 is within walking distance of Tilburg Central Station, and we always advise our visitors to travel by train. But here too, much more is possible. We are currently working on a more widespread mobility plan that will further encourage this, as well as discussing with suppliers how we can minimise the number of deliveries by truck.

Enough of the waste, for ever...

The abovementioned actions are not enough. We can and want to do much more. Sustainability is an integral part of all our operations. The best option for the world is the main consideration in every choice we make. In cooperation with 2BHonest, we are developing a long-term vision, goals and plans, as well as continuing to share our know-how through Green Stages.

Greater sustainability demands a dedicated approach. From the people who work with and for us, from the artists and from you, our visitors. Mail us if you’d like to find out more about 'genoeggewaste', or if you have a suggestion!