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FAQ Ticketsales Lorde

Why are the tickets personal?
At the request of the artist's management only personal tickets may be sold. The artist and 013 want to prevent undesirable trading by middlemen.

Where can I buy personal tickets?
Tickets can only be bought via ticketmaster.nl, unless otherwise indicated on 013.nl.

How does it work?
There is a maximum number of tickets that you can order. There are two options for this:
1. You fill in your own first name and family name on each ticket that you order:
All the ticket holders must enter at the same time as you, while only you as ticket buyer need to identify yourself.

2. You fill in another name on each separate ticket:
All the ticket holders can enter separately with their own ticket. Everybody must identify himself/herself at the door. Attention: the name on the tickets cannot be changed anymore.
Our advice: Only use this option if you are sure who the other persons that will go are.

Do I have to fill in the first name by which I am usually known or the name as mentioned on my ID document?
Fill in the name as mentioned on your ID document (passport, ID card or driving licence). Because this is checked at the entrance.

Do I have to bring my ID document to the concert?
Yes. Without valid identification no access will be given.

Is it possible for the buyer and a holder of one of the other tickets to go to the concert separately?
This is possible if the ticket buyer has had the names of the persons for whom the ticket is intended put on the tickets. All the ticket holders can enter separately from one another and everybody must identify himself/herself at the door.

This is not possible if the ticker buyer has had her/his name put on all the tickets. In this case all the ticket holders must enter at the same time as the ticker buyer, while only the ticket buyer has to identity himself/herself.  

From what time to what time can we report at the door?
Always check on 013.nl for the actual door opening times.Starting from the opening time it does not matter when you come.

Can I buy tickets for someone else, for example as a present?
Yes, that’s possible. But when buying the tickets, you must have the name of this person put on the ticket.  

Can I take over tickets from someone, for example via TicketSwap or Viagogo?
No, unfortunately this is not possible.

I have made a spelling error in my name, can I adapt this?
If you have made a spelling error in your name as ticket buyer, then contact us via [email protected].

Can I change the name on a ticket?
In principle this is not possible. For questions you can contact us via [email protected].