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No Phone Policy Joost - 14 March


During the entirety of Joost's show on March 14, it is prohibited to use mobile phones, smartwatches, and other recording equipment. This prohibition does not apply on March 15. Upon entry, you will receive a phonecase. Place your phone inside it on silent mode or turned off. One of our staff members will lock this case for you, allowing you to have your phone with you but preventing its use for photos, videos, or sound recordings. And don't forget: you cannot make payments with phones and/or smartwatches in the venue, so make sure to have a debit card with you.

If you need to use your phone or open your locker with your phone, no problem! Just go to one of our staff members in the foyer, and they will be ready to unlock the phonecase for you and let you out. After using your phone, make sure to place it back in the case and have it locked before returning to the concert hall.

Violating the no phone rules will result in irrevocable removal from the venue! Do you need your phone for medical reasons? Please contact us via mail at [email protected].

Due to these measures, the entry and exit time may be slightly longer than you are used to, so make sure to be on time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in enforcing these rules to ensure an optimal experience for all attendees of Joost's show!